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Why Devansee Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas?

In different countries, utility and energy firms face cost-cutting imperatives, rising customer demands, regulatory obligations, and environmental mandates. In addition, certain utility and energy firms are dealing with financial constraints and a limited skill pool. Our end-to-end technology solutions help utilities and energy firms construct more reliable and intelligent operations, save operating costs, and deal with industry challenges.

Devansee is well-versed in the oil and gas business. Devansee has the most B2B and energy industry experience of any organization. Each year, we participate in the following industry groups and attend a number of worldwide energy sector events.

We collaborate with hundreds of companies from all over the world in the oil and gas industry. Devansee is well-respected and connected with industry media publications globally and across multiple segments. Additionally, we are strategically positioned in the major energy hubs.

Emergency Management Solution

One Global Platform for all Emergency Management Activities. Ensuring adherence to the standardized PDCA framework (Plan-Do-Check-Act), and supporting both Organizational Preparedness, as well as real-time Incident Management (Mobilization-Response-Recovery

Leak Detection

Effectively monitor Oil & Gas Pipelines to prevent risks concerning fluid spill, and workforce & environment safety. Predictive Maintenance of aging pipelines via intelligent wear & tear detection / prediction.

Fleet Management

Reduce risk, improve safety & security, optimize fleet operations with real-time, GPS tracking, and fleet monitoring. End-to-end IoT solution to capture vehicle diagnostic parameters, driver behavior, and real-time monitoring for Fleet Managers and Drivers.

Subsurface Digitalization

Digitizing (scanning of Oil & Gas documents) documents and liberating vast storage of inaccessible physical data. Key focus on Seismic, Logs, Maps & Various PVT/Core/lab reports. Leverage proprietary hardware and software.