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Why Devansee Insurance?

The insurance sector is on the verge of going completely digital. Connected insurance, usage-based premiums, and digital underwriting are replacing traditional business models. Customers want customized, on-demand services from insurance companies. The sorts of risks insured are also changing, giving insurers with new business prospects.

Insurers are looking to digital technologies to be profitable while battling rigorous regulatory requirements and managing complicated portfolios in a climate of low interest rates. They recognise the importance of developing stronger client ties in order to remain competent. Companies are transforming claims processing, improving risk management, and streamlining overall operations by utilizing emerging technology such as drones, Big Data, and Analytics.

Devansee helps insurers solve complex business problems such as Digital Adoption, Customer Experience Management, Speed-to-Market, Underwriting Profitability, Operational Efficiency, Distribution Effectiveness and Claims Optimization. Our domain expertise spans across the insurance value chain, including intermediaries, carriers, reinsurers, regulators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Underwriting & Risk Intelligence

Intelligent automation tools, powered with real-time data insights, will help you provide faster underwriting services, while minimizing risk

Claims Efficiency & Loss Prevention Solutions

Drive better customer engagement with faster claims management and remediation solutions

New-age Distribution and Customer Service

Deploy user-friendly interfaces to connect myriad take holders within the insurance ecosystem

Automation in Insurance

Drive operational efficiency and cost reduction by rethinking your business models, processes and IT architectures with our Insurance Knowbots framework